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I am so elated about this one book, which a group of women from across the country, shared their stories of overcoming abuse, victorious life against the odds, abundant recovery from devastating medical diagnosis; and the courage to walk out the process to see God’s purpose manifested in their lives. 


The book is BEYOND THE PRETTY DRESS, featuring Special Guests: Min. Tania Maxwell Carroll (Closing Prayer and Exhortation) and Min. E. Chantaye Watson (A Poetic Push). And including contributors like Tricka Brown, Florida; Debra Wadlington House, Illinois; and Kimberly McGrew, Oregon.


*Here is a Sneak Peek Of My chapter*

I was called on to preach fiery sermons which gave hope to the hopeless and assurance of God’s goodness to all who needed to hear that one day all would be well.  After years of doing things the traditional way, God began to challenge me. He first revealed my struggles and then exposed them to the church folk. I became the target of jokes and taunts. All sorts of accusations were on the rise. My recovery journey was tested on so many levels. One of the first things I learned in my treatment program was to remain sober. I had to change people, places and things. I had no idea I would have to consider changing my place of worship. – Min. Debra Wadlington House - God Flipped the Whole Box Over  BEYOND THE PRETTY DRESS.









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