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Pastor Debra Wadlington House, CEO and Founder of A Sister's Touch Ministries and Ask Pastor Deb Recovery Café, provides leadership, vision, mobilization, and training to families, specializing in Women's Ministries and Recovery, by encouraging and assisting people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to grow in spiritual maturity by developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, supplication and faith. 


Her ultimate goal is to empower people who have been emotionally wounded and spiritually broken by the trauma of rape, molestation, abuse, addictions or other family crises to embrace forgiveness, healing, hope and purpose through training forums, conferences, coaching and life skills development programs.


Pastor Debra House has a “Passion for Victory” and her focus is to shatter the silence of domestic violence and become the face of Recovery and to give hope to the hurting. Her passion for victory led her to found, A Sister’s House” Mobile Women’s Center which services women and their children who have been in or are in an abusive relationship. She strongly believes that every person has the right to be safe, empowered, and free from violence and the fear of violence.


Pastor Deb, as she is affectingly called, is a mother of 3 children, grandmother of 5 and a loving devoted daughter who provides care for her mother. She is a radio personality and the host of her own talk show “Ask Pastor Deb” on


Her favorite Scripture is John 8:36  (NKJV)

36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.


She shares the face of Jesus where ever she goes. 

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